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Eesari or Isri city is located at 23.9850, 86.0342 coordinates on NH 2 of the Grand Trunk Road. The city comes under the Giridih district of Jharkhand.

Eesari is a small city lying about 200 meters ahead of Parasnath Railway Station, on the Delhi - Kolkata line. The place can be reached through Parasnath where one can alight from the train. There are two dharamshalas or rest houses at Eesari, one at Terapanthi and the other the Beespanthi dharamshala. There are huge and magnificent Jain temples decorated with artful spires at Eesari. After a night's stay at Eesari, one can proceed towards the famed Sammed Shikharji, run by the Teerth Kshetra Committee. This attraction popularly known as "Shri Sammed Shikarji" is on Parasnath hill.