Dnyaneshwar Muktabai Temple

Dnyaneshwar Muktabai Temple, located at a place named Muktai Nagar near Alandi, is many centuries old temple dedicated to Muktabai, the youngest sister of Dnyaneshwar. It is believed that Muktabai was the incarnantion of Hindu Goddess Saraswati or Goddess Shakti. Muktabai is assumed to be born in 1199 at Alandi and she was considered as Guru of Yogi Chaangdev Maharaj. 

At present there are two temples dedicated to Muktabai in Alandi. The new Muktabai temple in the town and the Mehun temple are the two temples dedicated to Muktabai. The large regional fair attracts huge draw of people in this place which is conducted four days before the Mahashivaratri.