Devakottai is primarily a religious center that is very famous for its many temples and other places of religious interest. Almost all tourists flock to Devakottai only to marvel at its temples and their complex architectural styles. The town of Devakottai is located in Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India. This is a very small town that is located near the slightly larger and better known town of Karaikudi.

Devakottai has many places of interest, including the Nagara Sivan Kovil, the Ranganatha Perumal Kovil, the T Oorani Pillayar Kovil, and the Silambani Pillayar Kovil. These temples are frequented by pilgrims from across the country, and these are the main places to visit in the town of Devakottai.

You can also visit the Ramnagar church, which is also quite famous in the region. Devakottai is particularly famous for the Kandhar Sashti Vizha, which is held in this town every year without fail. This festival is widely famous, and many eminent personalities attend this fest. This festival has been traditionally held in the town of Devakottai for more than around 63 years so far. Some of the famous people who attend this festival are Carnatic artistes and many prominent figures in the literary field too.