A devout centre, which assigns much mythological relevance to its holy name Chitrakoot in the northern ranges of the majestic Vindhyans, is a town with great historical and archaeological importance. It is a place where the ritualistic past is elegantly cosseted in its flamboyant temples and shrines.

Chitrakoot stands for a hill of many wonders, a name well suited to its mythical past and to the magnificent present. Indeed this hilly terrain in the northern Vindhya ranges is a place of miraculous vistas where one can have all the glitters of religious as well as delightful experiences. The serene and scenic woods, and the lofty peaks of this lovely land provide idyllic surroundings to the visitors who find pleasure in a soothing and tranquil atmosphere.

A celebrated place of great mythological relevance, Chitrakoot replicates the essence of Hindu way of life. The first ever rendering of Chitrakoot can be found in the Valmiki Ramayana, wherein the poet Valmiki speaks of an exceedingly divine environ occupied by the saintly people. Various other texts and scriptures of bygone eras had narrated the abounding spirituality and glaringness of this devout location in a bewitching manner. Spiritual journey of Chitrakoot begins in the Tretayug when Lord Ram along with Sita and Lakshman selected this place as their dwelling place during their exile. Chitrakoot was the center stage of all their activities for a long and the story of Ramayana takes dramatic turns at Chitrakoot.

Fairs and festivals in Chitrakoot have a religious face and this place is all set to praise the grace of lord Ram through its various festivals. Most important celebration in this hilly terrain is the National Ramayana fair and along with this all festivals in connection with this 7th incarnation of Vishnu makes this sleepy locale a splendid place of festivities.

Chitrakoot, is not just a place of astounded spirituality and devoutness, but it is one of the prettiest gifts on earth. The deep woods, gleaming streams, pretty rivers, indeed this place is ornamented with a blissful nature. A unique spiritual experience in a soft and serene atmosphere, that’s what Chitrakoot offers to the devotees.