Chikkaballapur is the district headquarters of the recently established Chikkaballapur district in the state of Karnataka and it is very much located within 3 km of Muddenahalli, which is also the birthplace of renowed engineer and statesman Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya and its nearby town, Kanivenarayanapura, the sites of the forthcoming Sri Sathya Sai Baba University and College of Medicine, Indian Institute of Technology Muddenahalli, Visvesvaraya Institute of Advanced Technology,"Sports Village","Silk City". Chikballapur is located adjoining to the upcoming $22 Billion, BIAL IT Investment Region, one the major infrastructure projects in Karnataka and the largest IT region in India. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has approved the train headquarters for this region. In addition, a noted Traveler Bungalow is being transformed into a state of the art bus stop.
,br> It is a regional transport and educational center, and is a major site for grape, grain, and silk harvesting. With these upcoming developments, it is generally understood that Chikballapur will become part of "Greater Bangalore." Nandi Hills is located nearby and inside the jurisdiction of Chickballapur taluk. Many historic temples are located in and near this town. Nandi Hills or Nandi Durga is located in Chikballapur taluk and is just 5 km away.
The name of this town was initially Chinna Ballaporum originated from either Tamil or Telugu for Chinna means small while "balla" means the gauge quantify food grains, and "porum" means "town" A story goes on like this, the ruler of Avathi Mallabiregowda's son Marigowda was hunting one day in Kodimanchanahalli forest. A rabbit stood in front of the ferocious hunting dogs without without being frightened, noticing this, the ruler was ecstatic and told his son that the potency of the rabbit is owing to the bravery of the region's populace. As such the ruler took consent from King of Vijaynagar and built an sophisticated fort and craeted a city which is now known as Chikballapur. Baichegowda, the King of Mysore later attacked the fort but had to leave due to the courageous efforts of the Chikballapur people and aid from the Marathas. Sri Dodda Byregowda who came to thrown after Baichegowda concurred the land, which was taken by Mysore King. During the ruling of Chikkappanayaka in 1762, Hyder Ali concurred the town for a period of 3 months.

Later, Chikkappa Nayaka with the aid of Murariraya of Guthy tried to reinstate his powers. He was hidden in Nandi Hills along with Chikkappa Nayaka. Instantly, Hyder Ali concurred Chickballapur and other places and detained Chikkappa Nayaka. Then with interfere of Lord Corn Wallis, Chikballapur was handed over to Narayanagowda. After being aware of this, Tippu Sultan again concurred Chikballapur. British occupied Nandi & left Narayanagowda to rule the town in 1791. Due to this, a battle broke out between the Britishers and Tippu Sultan. Later, the British overpowered Tippu in a harsh battle, which ultimately led to terrific loss of life on both sides. The citizens of Chikballapur, however, declined to be subjected and maintained their warrior pride. Chikballapur later came under the administration of Wodeyars of Mysore, who later amalgamated with the present state of Karnataka.