Chandola Lake

Situated at the Dani Limda Road, Chandola Lake in Ahmedabad is an artificial lake. The credit for establishing it goes to the wife of a Mughal Sultan of Ahmedabad named Tajn Khan Nari Ali. Chandola Lake is basically a water reservoir, which is very beneficial for the people of Ahmedabad. The water of Chandola Lake is used for irrigation as well as other industrial purposes. Read on to know more about Chandola Lake in Ahmedabad, India…

Adjacent to this lake, lies the tomb of Shah Alam. The domes of this tomb are ornamented with gold and precious stones. It was Asaf Khan, the brother of the Empress Noor Jahan, who got the dome adorned. In totality, there are three big and eighteen small domes that have been beautifully carved by Saleh Badakshi. Chandola Lake also serves as a great tourist attraction spot. During the evening time, many people visit this place and take a leisure stroll.

The Chandola Lake, spread over an area of 1200 hectare, has dried up due to neglect. The government has allowed large-scale encroachment on this water body. It is being for agriculture, as well as for other purposes like processing of waste oil and plastics. Kharicut, the lake’s feeder canal is choked with filth and garbage.

Chandola is not an exceptional case in Gujarat. Many other lakes in the state share the same fate. In 1960, Ahmedabad had at least 204 lakes. Today, almost all of these have been built upon, encroached or left to disuse. With rapid growth in population, the cities have spread out it in all directions, in a completely unplanned manner. The town planning schemes did not take into account the natural drainage patterns and topography of the area. This resulted in two things. Firstly, the rainwater that earlier flowed into the lakes and the low lying areas now got trapped near residential areas causing seasonal flooding and water logging. Secondly, the lakes dried up, making them prime targets of the real estate developers and other encroachers. Or they have been turned into garbage dumps.

In October, 2000, Shailesh R Shah , a citizen of Ahmedabad, filed a public interest litigation (PIL) in the Gujarat High Court (HC), on behalf of all the residents of the city requesting the court to revive and recharge the Chandola lake situated in the outskirts of Ahmedabad. The PIL, filed under the Article 226 of Constitution of India, was against the State of Gujarat; the Collector, Ahmedabad; and the Executive Engineer, State Irrigation Department. It also demanded effective steps for increasing the water harvesting potential of this lake.