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Chamarajanaga is a town in the southern end of Karnataka, a state in India. It is also the headquarters of the Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka. It is named after Chamaraja Wodeyar IX (1774–1796), king of Mysore, who was born in the town. It is also one of the less developed towns in Karnataka, even though it is situated on the interstate that links Tamil Nadu and Kerala
How To Reach :
By Road/Bus : From the state capital Bangalore, the State Highway 17 can be used to reach Chamarajanagar via Mysore, Chamarajanagar is at a distance of 61 km from Mysore. The distance from Bangalore to Chamarajanagar is about 185 km. The Bangalore-Kanakapura-Kollegal-Chamarajanagar road can also be used with the distance being the same.
By Plane/Air : The nearest airport is MysoreMandakalli which is 52 km. The International airports are Bangalore located 236 km, Coimbatore located 134 km and Kozhikode is more distant but can be used for reaching Chamarajanagar.
By Train/Rail : Chamarajanagar-Nanjangud railway line was opened to service on 27th August 1926. Chamarajanagar has a new railway station since the railway track was upgraded to broad gauge from one metre gauge in November 2008. Mysore, 61 km away, is well connected by railway to the major cities in India. Some long-distance trains come through Chamarajanagar also. The project to construct a new railway line from Chamarajanagar to Satyamangalam, Gobichettipalayam, Erode is progressing slowly. It will reduce the distance between Bangalore and Chamarajanagar and other cities of Tamil Nadu. The proposal to extend the railway line further to Mettupalayam in Tamil Nadu has not yet received environmental clearance. On the day of the new BG line inauguration, a local committee at Chamarajanagar presented a memorandum to the then Honourable Minister for Railways for State, Dr. Velu to take up the construction work between Chamarajanagar and Mettupalayam directly, and also to take up the construction work of the Bangalore—Mettupalayam railway line via Satyamangalam. They have conveyed the importance of connecting Satyamangalam with Gobichettipalayam and Erode. This proposal will bring the eastern as well as the western coastal regions closer to the northern region via Chamarajanagar. i.e. Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam including Coimbatore from the west and the eastern costal cities including Madurai, Trichy, Srirangam, etc. Since Feb 2010, the Tirupati Express (213) has been extended to Chamarajanagar station and is the only long route train from Chamarajanagar. In 2010, the railway budget proposed to conduct a survey for the newline between Chamarajanagar and Krishnagiri(Tamil Nadu). This line will connect Chennai and Mysore directly; that means: the new services will be through Chennai-Krishnagiri-Chamarajanagar-Mysore instead of the busy Chennai-Bangalore-Mysore route. The 2011 railway budget proposed to conduct a survey for a newline between Tumkur and Chamarajanagar. This line will go through Kunigal and kollegal. There is also a proposal for construction of new railway line between Kengeri and Chamarajanagar. The Railway Budget 2011-12 has come out with a new passenger train Mysore-Chamarajanagar.Now total train to and fro this line will be 6 plus 6.


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