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)is a city and a municipal council in Bhiwani district in the state of Haryana, India. It is known as the city of temples. Besides being a seat of spiritual learning, the city has been the centerstage of regional politics. The city is hometown to three of Haryana's chief ministers: Bansi Lal, Banarsi Dass Gupta and Hukum Singh.

District Bhiwani was created on 22 December 1972. The district headquarters is situated in Bhiwani town. Bhiwani has 442 villages, with main towns being Charkhi Dadri, Loharu, Bawani Khera and Tosham. The total area of Bhiwani district is 5,099 kmĀ².

The city has been a conventional school of boxing, with almost all of the members of the Indian Boxing Squad coming from its SAI hostel itself. Late Capt. Hawa Singh, the legendary boxer, helped establish the boxing academy here.
Proof of existence of the pre-Harappan and Harappan Indus Valley Civilization culture in this region has been uncovered, when archaeological digs were done in the Mitathal and Bhiwani village. Relics such as coins, tools, sieves, toys, statues and pots, which date back to almost 2500 year before, were discovered close to the village of Naurangabad, when the first round of excavations took place in the year of 2011. This village of Naurangabad is located at a distance of 10 kilometers from Bhiwani. The archaeologists states that during the Kushan, Gupta and the Youdheya period till 300 BC, a town used to be present in this area. This fact is illustrated by the discovery of relics of coin, coin moulds, sculptures and the construction of the houses in this area. In the book, Ain-e-Akbari, the name of Bhiwani City has been mentioned. From the time of the Mughals only, this city continued to be an important business centre.