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Betla is one of the first national parks in India located in the Chotanagpur Plateau of the Palamau district of Jharkhand, India. Palamau wildlife Sanctuary was initially created with an area of 980 sq km. Later in 1989 with an area of 227 sq km of Palamau Sanctuary was declared as Betla National Park. Palamau forests are covered with raw jungles with above 969 species of plants. The forest is abode of about some 36 tigers, 61 leopards, 211 elephants, 250 bison and 174 species of birds. There have five rickety observation towers for watching wildlife in Betla Park. The sanctuary has also several historical monuments and forts, inside the Betla forests.

The core area of Palamau Forest, the Betla National Park, is the main attraction in the forest. It provides you a great experience of elephant safari or guided jeep safari for a minimum charge. Eight local tribes reside around the forest of Palamau in 200 small villages. Their culture is another attraction in the forest. This wildlife sanctuary has a variety of diverse eco-systems and plenty of wild animals. Some most attractive of them are Elephants, Tiger, Bear, Panther, Wolf, etc. Some major species of birds are hornbill, peafowl, red jungle fowl, White-necked Stork, black ibis, swamp grey, crested serpent eagle, forest owlets, etc.

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