Azad Hind Gram

The little known and facing government apathy is Azad Hind Gram Tourist Complex at Tikri Kalan on NH10 near Punjabi Bagh - a project developed by Delhi Tourism (DTTDC) to honor Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and to create quality leisure space and wayside amenities for the citizens of Delhi.

The elaborate mosaic domes surrounding the museum and the memorial are the focus of the complex and is designed by the Calcutta based artists who have depicted Netaji in various moods. The murals have been carved out with such beauty that they speak for themselves.

The erstwhile chief minister of Delhi, Sahib Singh Verma, conceptualized Azad Hind Gram. This was the first such grandiose project in Delhi dedicated to the memory of Netaji. Tikri Kalan enjoys its own historical importance, as it was here where Netaji addressed his soldiers. However, the day Verma was to dedicate this project to the nation, Sushma Swaraj replaced him.

A large number of people were anticipated to visit the place. But due to lack of promotional efforts, the gram has failed to attract visitors. Initially, DTTDC in a bid to popularize the spot started overnight camping for school children. However, after a couple of months, the enthusiasm tapered off.

One wonders as to why not many people in Delhi are aware of the existence of Azad Hind Gram and why is it that it could not be made popular like other tourist spots in Delhi?

Delhi Tourism conducts daily tour for visitors from outside Delhi and abroad. However, Azad Hind Gram does not figure on the itinerary of their conducted tour. So much so, the tourist map that is printed and sold by Delhi Tourism also finds no mention about this important historical place.

Azad Hind Gram offers the facilities of extensive plazas, an amphitheatre, tourist information centre, souvenir and garden shop, food kiosks, a restaurant, public and convention facilities.

A must visit place for those who see a role model in Subhash Chandra Bose.