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It is only 19 kms by sea situated at South of Mumbai port covered with Coconut , Areca trees and lush greenery. Nowadays, Alibag has become a very attractive tourist halt due to it's beautiful gardens planted with Coconut, Areca trees. It has a pleasant and pollution free atmosphere in addition to the beautiful Colaba fort. Earlier days gardens of Coconut and Areca trees were spread up from North to person named "Ali". City based on Ali's gardens was named as "Alibag".

By road it is a three-hour drive from Mumbai as the route winds north from the Mumbai peninsula to Navi Mumbai and then curves and moves south along the mainland coast. Alibag has a lovely beach that is unspoiled. There is a historic fort that is now in ruins just off the beach. The hill range of the Western Ghats line the other side of the city giving it a unique character of greenery and the blue of the ocean. It's a wonderful place to take a relaxed vacation with nothing on your mind. Alibag is a place for a vacation. An unhurried pace of life is a small town with a beautiful beach and the green hills on the other side, free of pollution and noise.

Alibag is quiet with a moderate number of tourists who come over on the weekend. Alibag is a frequent getaway for people in Mumbai with many owning farmhouses off the beach. The launch from Mumbai makes it closer although during the monsoons a boat ride is not advisable. Alibag is an old town relating to the Marathas.
How To Reach :
By Road/Bus : Mumbai 93 km, Pune 140 km, Nasik 232 km, Hyderabad 698 km, Nagpur 907 km
By Plane/Air : Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai (BOM) International 48 km. Lohegaon Airport, Pune (PNQ) Domestic 117 km. Gandhinagar Airport, Nasik (ISK) Domestic 179 km. Diu Airport (DIU) Domestic 198 km.
By Train/Rail : Roha (ROHA) 37 km, Panvel (PNVL) 47 km, Khandala (KAD) 58 km
Best Time To Visit : Oct - Mar

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1 Oct 2014 Partly Cloudy 26 32
2 Oct 2014 PM Thunderstorms 26 33

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