Alandi is 20 km from Pune off the Pune-Nasik Road, Popularly known as Devachi Alandi (God's place). Situated on the banks of river Indrayani, is known for the samadhi of the saint poet Dnyaneshwar, who authored Dnyaneshwari, the Marathi commentary on the Gita. Regular buses from various points in the Pune city. Samadhi temple is worth to see and creates a pleasant atmosphere. This temple was built in 1570. You can also see the famous wall in Alandi on which Dnyaneshwar sat and flew the wall to meet Changdev.

Saint Dnyaneshwar spent his short life here. He inspired the entire Maharashtra to worship Lord Panduranga. The Palakhi in the month of Ashadh is very popular and many people walk almost 150 kms. from Alandi to Pandharpur. Two fairs are held annually here: one on Ashadhi Ekadashi and the other on Kartik Ekadashi. The other famous places in Alandi are Muktai temple, Ram temple, Krishna Temple, Math of Swami Hariharendra, Vitthal-Rakhumai temple and the famous wall.

Also situated on the banks of the river Indrayani, 31 kms away, is Dehu, the birthplace of Tukaram, the great 17th century poet-saint of Maharashtra. He lived here and taught people how to pray the god. He and Sant Dnyaneshwar were the popular saints and both worshiped Lord Vitthal. The 'Palakhi' in the month of 'Ashadh' from Dehu is one of the main attractions of Dehu. Many people are taking part in it from so many years till now.

Transport is easy with a number of State Transport buses from Pune. One can also find 'Dharmashalas' for a comfortable stay, but prior booking is necessary.