Alampur also known as Alampuram is a temple town that is situated in the Mahbubnagar District in the State of Andhra Pradesh. The town is situated around 200 km from the city of Hyderabad. Alampur is famous as it is the meeting point of two scared rivers. Krishna and Tungabadra are the two rivers that meet at the town. The town is situated on the bank of the Tungabadra River and is also surrounded by hills on all sides. Alampur is well known for its various temples and many devotees flock to the town to visit the temple. The temples are renowned for their beauty and have been constructed many years ago.

Alampur is famous for the Navabhrama Temples that are located around the city. There are nine temples in total and they are visited many people throughout the year. The temples are renowned for being a mix of Western and Northern architectural styles. These temples were built by the Badami rulers who were the principle rulers in this area for a long time. There are many other temples that can be seen in the area and they are decorated with bright colors during the festive seasons. There are many good sculptures that are present in the temple.

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