Akshardham Temple

A rare combination of tradition and expertise, Akshardam in Gandhinagar explicates the richness of Indian culture. A famous temple of the Swaminarayan sect, this cultural complex is a marvel in architecture. What makes this amazing structure so wonderful is the fact that not even a single rod of steel is used in its construction. It is learnt that the service and devotion of thousands of believers make this bewitching structure a reality. Intricately carved pink sandstone gives an enchanting look to the entire complex.

Akshardham is just not a temple but it is a centre of excellence in the field of education and enlightenment. This holy shrine houses not only the 7 feet gold statue of Lord Swaminarayan, but it houses three exhibition halls highlighting the richness of Indian Culture. These halls conduct light and sound shows, a multimedia show and an animatronics show to propagate the centuries old ethnicity of Indian society..

Akshardham is a unique cultural complex that celebrates the past, addresses the present, and blesses the future. It upholds the universal values of Humanity and symbolizes the glory of Indian Culture. Over 2 million visitors visit annually to see the major attractions like.

One of the wonders of the world, the imposing 10 story high, intricately carved architectural masterpiece, enshrines Golden Murti (idol) of Lord Swaminarayan, the founder of the Swaminarayan faith...

Akshardham is an architectural marvel of this Century. Awe-inspiring auspiciousness and amazing craftsmanship. 6,000 tons of pink sandstone have been pieced together with incredible accuracy. More than 12 million man hours of 900 skilled craftsmen have created this magnificent monument of ..

93 sculpted pillars, 40 windows carved from both sides, and a feast of forms and filigrees. Thousands come daily to discover the inspirations of design and devotion, effort and elegance, care and consciousness, silence and spirituality...